Sunset Noosa

Sunset Noosa

There’s an explosion of light and colour that illumiates the sky, is as if the gods have chucked a wobbly, mashed their whole colour palate together, and then thrown it at the horizon

Is it any wonder that the ancients worshiped the sun?

Its still the most powerful object in our cosmos, and I think that somewhere deep down we realise that, and we are constantly drawn to the infinite possibilities that the light of the setting sun offers, combined with the wonder of the night sky, and the sense of timelessness that exists between waking and darkness

The sky is touched by magic and that magic is in us too, we just need to tune into it, to switch it on and to amplify it, and let the guiding light shine upon us with its infinite wisdom …


The Mindfulness Minute

The Mindfulness Minute

Ok so im going to spend at least one minute a day in nature experiencing mindfulness, being  aware of my surroundings, monitoring my breath, dropping attachment, and staying present in the present moment…

And failing that Im going to take time out to experience mindfulness anyway.  I say ‘experiencing’ and not ‘practicing’ because I believe that mindfulness is something that we’re all inherently capable of anyway.  Sometimes we just forget to remember, or we forget to take a breath, and we just need to be reminded that we are all intricately connected to ourselves, and to the world around us

I started practicing meditation around 30 years ago after I had a car accident (alright, admittedly I was on a push bike and run over by a car that was travelling at 80kms per hour, which is why I call it a car ‘accident’ – if it hadn’t have been for the car AND my lack of mindfulness, it wouldn’t have happened!)

Anyway the doctor told me then that I would probably never walk again without the aid of either a walking stick or crutches, to which I my 18 year old self replied, “If that is your best prognosis, then your prognosis is not good enough, and your services are no longer required – you are dismissed, sir”

And so began my healing journey and my foret into mindfulness and meditation..


the mindfulness minute video